Managing Today
to Preserve Tomorrow

Leading Integrated
Waste Management

As the global population increases so does the waste incurred in obvious and various new forms. As Governments are becoming increasingly burdened with identifying locations and ways to dispose of such wastes. We have made it our commitment to provide state-of-the-art waste management with a focus on best sustainable practices and adherence to stringent International and Government standards.

Committed As Much to
Nurture Our Environment
As Our Company

Protecting and sustaining the environment is second nature to us, as all our employees are well trained and educated on the proper management of an effective Environmental Management System. This includes efficient energy consumption, water usage without wastage, recycling protocols and much more to ensure continuous improvement.



TAPA FSR - 2017 Classification: A


What We Do

Our suite of solutions and scope of services are constantly growing as we continuously expand our capabilities. We specialise in integrated waste collection, treatment and recycling, disposal services, smelting as well as recovery. As a leading service provider to global entities and multinational corporations, we are certified to recover and recycle e-waste (electronic waste), plastic, chemical and solder waste and metal chips. We also purchase scrap and provide solid waste disposal services.

We are committed to continuously innovate our waste management processes and upholding high ethical standards to protect the environment and our communities.

Improving Environmental
Stewardship With
Industry-Leading Expertise

We seek to preserve the delicate balance of sustaining the environment while managing waste efficiently by complying to Environmental Laws, Regulations and other Requirements stringently. We keep abreast of the latest industry practices and regularly review and update the EMS to avoid inadvertently harming the environment. All our machineries, equipment and vehicles are maintained in pristine conditions to reduce discharge, spillage and emission of pollutants.