Our electronic waste recycling plant at the Bukit Minyak Industrial Estate in Prai, North Malaysia, is nestled over 64,500 square feet operations centre with a total site of 7.5 acres.

Facilities available on-site include:
  • Dismantling and recycling of electronic equipment
  • Certified destruction of production rejects and proprietary products
  • Segregation of non-ferrous and complete precious metal process capabilities
  • Full service precious metal analytical laboratory
  • Recycling of plastic polymers
Our environmentally compliant solutions are designed for companies who need intelligent and cost-effective ways to safely handle their e-waste, which if not handled properly, can be a major environmental hazard.
Preference’s state-of-the-art facilities comply with environmental standards and achieve total destruction of waste. Stringent security is emphasised. This includes comprehensive surveillance, access systems, round-the-clock guard and CCTV cameras.